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3. September 15, 2007 : A day in Louvetot (Normandy, France)

Brief description of the day of 15 September 2007 in Louvetot on the occasion of the unveiling of a plaque honoring our ancestor

September 15, 2007 : A day in Louvetot (Normandy, France)

After the confirmation of the place of origin of our ancestor, as established in the previus document, we undertook, my cousin Jean-Claude and I, to approach the parish priest and the municipal authorities of Louvetot in order to be able to affix a memorial plaque in a public place of this commune, as a tribute to our ancestor.

Following a meeting between Louis Richer and the authorities of Louvetot, they gracefully accepted to affix this commemorative plaque on the façade of the Hotel  de Ville as a tribute to Jacques Ériché.

The unveiling of this plaque took place on Saturday, September 15, 2007, under the presidency of the mayor of the commune, M. Alain Legrand., in the presence of many dignitaries, part of the population of Louvetot and many descendants of Jacques Ériché coming from Québec, Ontario, USA and even Northern Ireland. They were joined by some Héricher from Normandy with whom it was possible to exchange genealogical informations.

The day was concluded with a reception at the castle of Valliquerville where many persons booked their room.

This official ceremony was preceded by a bus tour of Louvetot and the surrounding area, a Norman banquet and a commemorative Mass in the Church of Louvetot, followed by a vin d’honneur offered by the municipality.

Many photographs of these events can be viewed on this site as a video.

Jacques was a weaver in Louvetot

On this day, I had the opportunity to discuss with M. Éric Mardoc, a Norman genealogist and experienced researcher. By examining the registers of the commune and specifically the acts concerning our ancestor, he pointed out to me that the mark of Jacques Ériché that appeared at the bottom of the death certificate of his wife, Catherine Pain, is a stylized drawing of a weaver’s shuttle which is the mark of his profession.


Thus we believe it is now safe to say that the father of our ancestor was a weaver.

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