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This Genealogical Dictionary was presented the first time at the « Richer dit Louveteau » family gathering that took place in Montreal on July 2nd and 3rd 2011. With a few exceptions, it comprises the male descendants of Jacques Ériché dit Louveteau and his wife Marie Joffrion who were married and lived in Montreal in 1698.


The dictionary includes the family coat of arms, a chapter on the presence of the « Richer dit Louveteau » in North America since the arrival of our ancestor in Québec City in the 1690s until now and also a reproduction of the wedding certificate of Jacques and Marie.


The coat of arms evokes our European and North American origins and the motto suggests a time of reflection.  


The chapter on the « Richers dit Louveteau » in North America begins with the French origins of the family and then with the life of our ancestor who came to New France as a King’s soldier before he settled on the island of Montreal in 1698. He and his wife could never imagine that 300 years later, their descendants would recall their early journey and would get together to pay them a tribute. The chapter ends on a brief description of the presence of their descendants on the North American continent. 


The wedding certificate of Jacques and Marie, on April 7th 1698 at Notre Dame Church in Montreal, is the only document extensively reproduced and translated in the volume. It may be considered as a founding document, a unique reference to all the « Richers dit Louveteau » in North America.


The Genealogical Dictionary comprises close to 25,000 names and thirteen generations beginning in 1698 ending in 2011. It includes individuals named « Richer dit Louveteau » at birth, and their spouses and parents names.  


We hope you will enjoy reading and adding to this family dictionary as much as we enjoyed doing the research.  



 François Richer                                                                                                                                      Louis Richer

Grand-Mère                                                                                                                                          Québec City



2.Genealogical Dictionary of the Richer dit Louveteau of North America (1698-2011) (book open)

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